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Is your inheritance important to you? I bet it is. Well, it’s important to me too. My name is Albert Goodwin, and I am a Florida wills, trusts and estates lawyer. I help people get estates through probate, create estate plans and litigate estate claims.

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Everyone needs a will or a trust in order to pass their assets to the next generation. Many people in South Florida are looking at complicated and long-term estate plans that can help them maximize the amount of property they can pass to their children with the minimal amount of taxation

When estates don’t go smoothly, Albert Goodwin, Esq. steps in to pursue aggressive litigation on behalf of his clients. Whether a will is being challenged or someone disagrees with the actions of the personal representative, Albert Goodwin, Esq. protects his clients’ rights in court.

Probate does not have to be complicated or expensive. Although there is some red tape involved, we are usually able to complete probate within the minimal amount of time and with minimal expense.

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Probating Florida Estates – It’s frustrating when an estate gets tied up in court for many months or even years. But this happens all the time, because the courts are overwhelmed and there is so much to do. A personal representative has to be appointed, assets collected, creditors notified, claims paid, and the estate distributed. There’s also the IRS with estate and income tax forms to file. All of this has to be done in accordance with Florida and federal law, in order to avoid tax penalties and claims against the personal representative. We work hard every day to make sure that our estates get closed out in the shortest time period possible. It’s not always easy, but not to worry. We have done this many times before.

Creating Estate Plans in Florida – Creating an estate plan is the responsible thing to do. It does not have to be complicated or expensive. For someone who is just starting out in life and has an estate of under $1 million, we usually do a simple will. If life insurance for the benefit of children is involved, we also do a life insurance trust.

For people who have acquired more assets and are nearing middle-age or older, we may do a living trust or form a family company, to save on estate taxes and provide for a smooth succession. We can also look over your retirement plan or business arrangement to advise you on succession issues and estate tax implications.

There are also personal issues. You may appoint someone to make decisions if you’re too sick to do so yourself, make your end of life decisions, be your children’s guardian, and even take care of your pets. Don’t put off making an estate plan, give us a call.

Litigating Florida Estate Claims – Litigation is the last resort. No one likes to sue unless they feel they have to, and getting sued…well, let’s just say that’s no picnic either. But when negotiations break down and estate litigation does arise, it will be almost impossible to win the case unless you have a good lawyer. And if it happens in Florida, you will need an attorney that has experience litigating Florida estate cases.

Below you will find more information about the issues that we commonly litigate and how we do it:

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