A Florida Attorney Can Help You Reduce Your Debts and Get a Better Credit Score

We use Federal and Florida laws to keep creditors in check. If you are receiving harassing phone calls from creditors or your low credit score is preventing you from achieving your dreams, talk to an attorney and see what your rights are.

There are several ways in which debt relief attorney Albert Goodwin can help you lower or eliminate your monthly loan payments and improve your credit score:

Aggressive Negotiation with Creditors – Creditors know that once you retained an attorney, a lawsuit or a bankruptcy is likely to follow. This gives you and your lawyer a hand up in negotiations over the interest and principal on your outstanding debt, which can result in significantly lower monthly payments on your loans. Even if you are not eligible to file bankruptcy, there still may be a possibility that your creditor does not own the debt, has violated Florida or federal laws in debt collections or reporting, or some other legal strategies that a debt lawyer can use to negotiate better loan terms for you.

Bankruptcy – if creditors do not cooperate with negotiations, the next step is bankruptcy. Most people are eligible for a total discharge of their debts (Chapter 7) or a restructuring of their debts where they make one reduced payment to a Bankruptcy Trustee who then distributes the payment to all the creditors, with any remaining debt being discharged in the end of five years. Learn more about Florida bankruptcy on this page.

Fighting Back Against Abusive Collection Practices – if a collection agency is harassing you or is incorrectly reporting your debt to the credit bureaus, attorney Albert Goodwin fights back by sending “cease and desist” letters and filing lawsuits against collection agencies violating your rights. Some of those lawsuits can be filed at no cost or almost no cost to you.

Fighting Back Against Exuifax, Experian and Transition – Credit reports by the Major Three credit reporting agencies often contain mistakes and unverified debts. This negatively impacts people’s credit score and their ability to get credit. Attorney Albert Goodwin helps you regain control over your credit report and credit score by having the agencies correct or delete the offending trade-ins on your credit report.

Contact debt relief and credit repair attorney Albert Goodwin if you would like to find out more about how we can help you exercise your rights to a life free of creditor abuse and to a credit report without prejudice.