Albert Goodwin, Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

Injured? Do not call any insurance companies. They have been known to record conversations and then try to spin them in a way that makes you look bad. Give me a call instead. The consultation is free, and I can probably be at the accident site to give you an immediate advantage.

No one is financially prepared for an injury. The cost of treatment and time lost from work is staggering. In this cruel world, the people who caused your injury and their insurance companies are not interested in giving you the compensation you deserve.

Don’t get me wrong, insurance companies are great – they pay for people’s injuries. But they are also known to undervalue the damage that an injury caused and to take the position that the person or company insured by them are not responsible.

I will fight to get you the maximum amount you are entitled to, so that you can overcome the injury and lead a satisfying life.