How a Lawyer Can Help in a Florida Foreclosure

If you cannot afford your mortgage payments and the bank is about to foreclose on your house, we can use Florida and Federal laws to steer the bank into a loan modification, defend a foreclosure if one is started, and file bankruptcy if it makes sense in the overall context of your finances. Saving your home is our priority.

Hiring a Foreclosure lawyers lets you utilize the many rights that the law affords you in a foreclosure proceeding. Here is what the Goodwin Law Firm may be able to accomplish for you:

Give you Time – Just by having a Florida foreclosure attorney involved, you already extending your foreclosure from a cookie-cutter two month formality to a proceeding where your rights and the bank’s rights will be determined, which may turn out to be a multi-year process.

Cancel Foreclosure Auctions – if a foreclosure auction is scheduled, a foreclosure lawyer can cancel the auction on your behalf by presenting a valid reason to the court.

Negotiate Reduced Monthly Payments – attorney Albert Goodwin is an experienced negotiator who knows what buttons to push when it comes to getting the best deal for you. Banks are not interested in owning houses. They are interested in getting back the money they lent plus any interest they can get.

Reduce Principal of the Mortgage and/or Mortgage Stripping – where your house is worth less then what you bought it for or where there is a second mortgage that you are unable to pay, it is possible for a foreclosure lawyer to negotiate a mortgage principal reduction or strip the second mortgage through the Federal courts.

Steer the Case to Mediation – some cases are easier to settle in mediation then at trial. A mediation is a more informal way for the bank and the homeowner to come to an agreement that both sides will be satisfied with.

Some Foreclosures can be Dismissed – Most mortgages are not kept by the bank originating them, and there is frequent confusion over who actually owns the right to collect and foreclose on the mortgage. In cases where the organization claiming to own your mortgage loan cannot prove that they own it, their cases against you may be dismissed.

If you want to learn about what Foreclosure attorney Albert Goodwin can do to defend your foreclosure, call (888) 303-7102.