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Albert Goodwin has a decade of experience in helping people find legal solutions. He has helped his clients win millions of dollars in lawsuits, succeed in business, achieve favorable divorce settlements, and recover money for their injuries.

At Goodwin Law, you are sure to receive personal dedication and commitment to excellence.

Trust a Florida lawyer with a decade of experience. If you are looking for a Florida lawyer who can excel on your behalf in civil litigation, call today. I look forward to getting results for you. 

The Goodwin Law Firm has helped people buy and sell businesses and real estate, win millions of dollars in lawsuits, and achieve peace of mind knowing that their rights are protected.
The Goodwin Law Firm can help you get though a divorce with as little conflict as possible, so that you can maintain a positive outlook and start enjoying your life to the fullest.
The Goodwin Law Firm will fight to get you the maximum amount you are entitled to, so that you can overcome the injury and lead a satisfying life.
The Goodwin Law Firm helps people get estates through probate, create estate plans and litigate estate claims.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors are human and make mistakes. Unfortunately, the results of doctors’ mistakes can be catastrophic. Their insurance companies are required to compensate the victims of medical malpractice, but they will usually not provide just compensation unless you have an excellent medical malpractice attorney.


Divorce is a restructuring of the family unit, a complicated process in which you need the advice and representation of an experienced Florida divorce attorney. We negotiate and litigate fair parenting arrangements, child support, property distribution and maintenance for my clients.

Personal Injury

We work hard to achieve the maximum settlement of personal injury cases. If you were injured in an accident, we can help you find those responsible and make them pay. Your accident law firm will not get paid unless you recover just compensation from whoever caused the accident.

Estate Litigation

We defend will challenges and personal representative challenges. We also prosecute will challenges. We have recovered more then a million dollars for our will challenges clients.
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