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Law Offices of Albert Goodwin, P.A. is a Boca Raton wills, trusts and estates law firm that consistently achieves superior results, is widely praised by clients and is respected in the legal community. Contact us to see what we can do for your legal needs.


A Boca Raton Estate Attorney with a Record of Client Satisfaction

Boca Raton Estate Planning Lawyer

As experienced Boca Raton estate planning lawyers, we recommend wills for younger clients and trusts for middle-aged and older clients. Wills are great because they are relatively quick and easy to make. Trusts are great because they can help you qualify for Medicaid, avoid the courts, and control what happens to your money after your death. Here to answer your questions about estate planning:

Boca Raton Medicaid Trusts Lawyer

We help clients legally qualify for certain types of Medicaid through the use of trusts and other advanced Medicaid Planning techniques. Trusts help our clients qualify for Medicaid as well as achieve other benefits such as avoiding probate and keeping the inheritance in the immediate family.

Boca Raton Probate Lawyer

Albert Goodwin, Esq. is a Boca Raton probate lawyer who helps administrators and executors close out and settle estates. Our knowledge of the court system allows us to close and settle matters in Palm Beach County Probate Court without unneeded expenses and delays. Here is some information about probating an estate: