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Albert Goodwin is an attorney with a decade of experience. He has helped his clients win millions of dollars in lawsuits, succeed in business, achieve favorable divorce settlements, and recover money for their injuries.

At Goodwin Law, you are sure to receive personal dedication and commitment to excellence.

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Business and Real Estate


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Personal Injury

Florida Injury Attorney

Wills, Trusts and Estates

Florida Estate Attorney

Debt Relief

I help my clients defend lawsuits from creditors and improve their credit history. Creditors and credit reporting agencies often underestimate the public’s ability to fight back against abusive tactics such as incorrect credit reporting, harassment and illegal fees. With a debt relief attorney, you can uphold your rights and put the creditors in their place.


Divorce is a restructuring of the family unit, a complicated process in which you need the advice and representation of an experienced Florida divorce attorney. I negotiate and litigate fair parenting arrangements, child support, property distribution and maintenance for my clients.

Personal Injury

I work hard to achieve the maximum settlement of personal injury cases. If you were injured in an accident, I can help you find those responsible and make them pay. Your accident lawyer will not get paid unless you recover just compensation from whoever caused the accident.

Estate Litigation

I defend will challenges and personal representative challenges. I also prosecute will challenges. I have recovered more then a million dollars for my will challenges clients, a result that is probably better then those of most estate attorneys.


I file Bankruptcy cases on behalf of my clients, leading to a discharge from all unsecured debt. Creditors are known for violating Debtors’ rights, and you need an excellent Bankruptcy lawyer to protect your rights to get your debts discharged in Bankruptcy

Foreclosure Defense

I help my clients stay in their home while they are going through financial difficulties and the bank is trying to foreclose. If you are looking for a Foreclosure attorney who can stop a foreclosure in its track, and possibly even have it dismissed, look no further. Show the banks who has the real power in foreclosures.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors are human and make mistakes. Unfortunately, the results of doctors’ mistakes can be catastrophic. Their insurance companies are required to compensate the victims of medical malpractice, but they will usually not provide just compensation unless you have an excellent medical malpractice attorney.

Estate Probate

I successfully and timely probate estates, including difficult estates with missing persons and hard to find assets that other estate attorneys would have a much longer time finishing. Your Florida probate attorney, sometimes together with investigators and genealogists, will make sure that you get the most out of probating an estate.

Powerful Representation

Proven Track Record of Results

Trust a Florida lawyer with a decade of experience. At Goodwin Law, we have a track record of achieving excellent results for our clients. If you are looking for a Florida lawyer who can excel on your behalf in civil litigation, call today. I look forward to getting the best possible results in your case.